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This is my first attempt at blogging. I want to demolish the archetypal image of an opera singer. We are in a modern world where snobbery and elitism has no place but sadly it still rears its ugly head, especially when it comes to the world of opera and classical music. If you consider yourself a pretentious fancy-pants then I suggest you stop reading now!

Comprehensive school students attaining places at some of UK's leading music colleges, specifically those specialising in classical music, is at an all time low and only decreasing year on year. Why is this? Well possibly the lack of encouragement from the current, and previous, Uk education state secretaries and the ever growing challenge of working class families to being able to afford music lessons. Education cuts means that local arts councils and schools have less money than ever to put toward music tuition, with many having to forego music in schools completely, thus depriving children of an essential part of culture. I'm from a non-musical, working class family, and I am proud of that fact. It has helped to be humble and down to earth.

The media currently thrusts "popular" music in our faces, and programmes like The X Factor and The Voice primarily exploit this genre for financial gain. Many past participants would clearly thrive in other music genres but are coerced into pursuing a sound that meets the demands of the majority audience. Artistes then start to suffer from a form of "selling out".

I appreciate all types of music, in my early childhood I was exposed to sounds of the 60's in my mother's car, my favourite song being Poetry in Motion by Johnny Tillotson around the age of 6. My father's music taste is far broader including albums by The Beatles, Queen, Sting, Status Quo, Rolling Stones, Dire Straits and Fleetwood Mac. I guess it was kind of a given that I was going to have quite varied and eclectic taste.

Recently I have spent a few hours appreciating Electronic Dance Music, especially whilst working out at the gym. If you watched the newly released series of Umbrella Academy on Netflix you will probably understand why. Knife Party seem to be doing pretty well at the moment, appearing in multiple EDM playlists on Spotify.

One of my favourite bands of all time is The Corrs. Their music is beautifully simplistic and feel good but it has the edge of sounding slightly Irish and folky. People may call it corny or boring and in a sense I can sort of understand why but it works for me and elevates my mood, especially songs of theirs like Summer Sunshine, Breathless and Angel.

Anyway I could seriously ramble on for another 10,000 words but as I want to have things to talk about in the future so I feel I should perhaps leave it there for now.

Lianne x

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